The following document for the comfort of the parties, the national holiday agreement of 29 April 1949 between certain air carriers represented by the National Committee of the Conference of Transporters and their collaborators represented by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Drivers and the Union of Transporters (formerly the Brotherhood of Locomotive Drivers and Locomotive Drivers, the Order of Train Drivers and Brakes). (Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen and Switchmen`s Union of North America) and the various amendments made in various national agreements up to Arbitration Office 559 of May 8, 1996 and the 1996 BLE Core National Agreement. (i) – To determine the qualifications in this section 1, only benefits can be combined, except that the service provided by a worker on his main road may be combined with unserviced service on other roads if this service is provided in the direction of the main road or because of the worker`s seniority on his main road. Such a service will not work to free the main road from its responsibilities under this agreement. When leave is granted subject to the agreements of the five business organizations, the service provided to the carrier is counted when a continuous period of service of five or fifteen years or more is in place, when the transferred worker is assigned to a position subject to an agreement held by an organization that signed the leave contract of April 29, 1949. if the transfer of a class of services that is not under an agreement of an organization that signed the agreement of April 29, 1949 did not result in a disruption of service to the worker. This communication only applies in the event of a transfer of service. In view of the agreement, Signed on that date, between employees represented by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Drivers, the Brotherhood of RailwayMens and the Switchmen`s Union of North America, and the carriers represented by the Eastern, Western and Southeastern Carriers conference committees, with respect to paid leave: (g) – Civil days during which a staff member assigned to an additional list is available for service and during which he or she does not have a service , a maximum of ninety (90) of these days, are taken into account in determining the qualification for leave; Also included are calendar days of no more than forty-five (45) during which a worker is absent and cannot perform service due to a service injury. Section 11 – This holiday contract is considered a separate agreement by and on behalf of each airline and its railway workers to be interpreted and, effective July 1, 1949, replace the single consolidated vacation contract of June 6, 1945, provided that this agreement is considered to represent the rights and obligations of the partners of this agreement and the workers of that company represented by the brotherhood of locomotive drivers and that this agreement workers represented by the brotherhood of locomotive drivers of this company s. Union.

(p) – A worker may take up to one week of annual leave in one-day increments, provided that the worker is automatically designated for service at the end of a one-day leave. Section 9 – The terms of this agreement should not be construed as depriving each worker of the additional days of leave they may obtain under a rule, understanding or habit granted to them in accordance with the provisions of that rule, understanding or habit. Section 13 – This agreement is subject to the consent of the courts with respect to thieves in the hands of recipients or agents.