(b) If/when/when/if disputes or disputes arise as a result of this agreement or in connection with this agreement, the parties resolve these disputes or disputes through amicable negotiations between the parties; or c) This agreement is concluded in Ukrainian and English in a double/triple language. In case of differences, priority is given to the English version of the agreement. All the appendices covered by article – are inseparable from this agreement; or 2.1 Once you have completed these terms of use with Epharmix and the necessary payments have been made, you will receive a passcode that will allow you to create or access the contractor`s account (if applicable). 7.6 In the event of a dispute, the dominant party has the right to have its reasonable legal costs and costs reimbursed by the non-dominant party. (a) with a high level of quality, both services of the party are provided professionally and professionally; or if you are not allowed to use the Platform, if you do not have the power and authority to enter into these terms of use, or if you do not agree to be bound, you do not access a part of the platform. (a) all disputes and controversies/divergences resulting from the implementation of this agreement are resolved, if possible, through negotiations between the parties; or if a clause in this agreement is contrary to Ukrainian law. B, the agreement is not applied in this section. (b) Subject to the following sentence, Part 1 ensures that all services provided under this contract will be provided with the required expertise, diligence and due diligence, appropriately and professionally and in accordance with previous practice; b) This agreement was signed in English and Ukrainian, for example.B. In the event of a dispute, the Ukrainian version is a priority. This agreement was concluded in two counter-pieces of the same validity of each language version. Part 1 retains one consideration, Part 2, the other; or (a) This agreement is executed in two copies for each party. Each copy of the agreement is in English and Ukrainian language and is identical in terms of meaning. The Ukrainian text z.B is a priority for the interpretation of this agreement; or all documents relating to the performance of this contract are sent to the other party at the address indicated in the agreement.

(c) each party assumes that it is not based on oral representation if the other contracting parties have not requested oral statements to be included in or included in this agreement and that these oral statements have been expressly incorporated into that agreement or have been incorporated into it, that it is not based on oral representation; (e) the agreement is established in four Ukrainian-language copies, kept by each of the parties. All copies are applicable in the same way; all communications, receivables, receivables, claims and other communications are communicated in writing. any notification, request, request, claim or other notification under this directive is deemed to be properly notified if it is sent by personal notification or fax to the following address or facsimile; 7.5 You agree to compensate, defend and compensate Epharmix and the epharmix parties for any claims, injuries, liabilities, damages, losses and expenses (including legal and expert fees) arising from your use of a website or website or your violation of this Agreement.