Overall, a saaS agreement contains clauses in the following areas: first, it should recommend as a first approach to negotiations between the parties. If this is not the case, the agreement provides for other methods of out-of-court settlement of disputes, such as mediation. B, where an impartial third party recommends a non-binding result, terms of use for the end user or an end-user licensing agreement, is particularly important when end-users are not employees of the main customer. If an employee damages your system or violates an agreement, their employer may be held accountable for their actions. This means that you may have a lawsuit against the client. Also consider what, if any, the service level agreements you will offer. 24. General Communications 24.1 Any notification as part of or under this agreement: (a) must be addressed from time to time to the recipient; b) in writing; (c) must be sent by prepaid mail to the address or by email to the recipient in accordance with point 24.1 (d); and (d) when a notification is forwarded or distributed in the manner referred to in 24.1 (c), it must be handled personally or received by the recipient with respect to: (1) of the delivery; (2) mail delivery on the tenth business day following the posting; (3) Delivery by e-mail, on an earlier date, indicated in a reading confirmation sent by the recipient`s computer or if the message was sent to the recipient`s email address, but if the delivery is made after 5:00 p.m. on a business day, it must be processed the next business day at that location as it was received the next business day. 24.2 Unforeseen Event Part of it is not responsible for losses, which result from events or conditions beyond their control, including, but not limited to acts of war (declared or unreported) or terrorism, the mobilization of armed forces, riots or riots, natural disasters, labour struggles or disturbances, monetary restrictions, embargoes, acts or inactions by a government , a failure of a supplier, a public body or a public body or a computer disruption due to the effects of a computer virus, Trojans, malware or other malicious codes.