Rank popularity for the word “accommodate” in Written Corpus Frequency: #4775 We searched for a hotel to accommodate additional guests. An example of accommodation would be to give someone a trip. It is a proverbial expression that every human being is the creator of his own fortune, and we generally consider that this implies that every man, through his madness or wisdom, prepares good or evil for himself. But we can see it in a different light, that is, we are made to providential inclinations, that we are happy in our fate, whatever its deprivations. To bring harmony or harmony; reconciling; Composing Adapt To be settled; how, for disputes, disputes, etc. It`s like when we made the trip, it`s like, it goes to Doonbeg, because that`s where the pence family comes from. It`s like, you should stay in my place, it wasn`t like you had to. It wasn`t like you had to. It is an institution that could accommodate the team.

“Scientists had to link the new findings with the existing theories” Thesaurus: All synonyms and anonymity to lodge their advice on his inclination. -Joseph Addison An example of accommodation is to let your friend sleep on the couch when he comes to town. The facility will take over a layer and initially produce 10 units per day for the Nigerian market, creating approximately 180 direct and indirect jobs. Providing housing for housing Equip something desired, necessary or comfortable how to house a friend with a loan or a home. Note: To effectively house a debtor, the party must sign and add words that describe restrictions or accommodation conditions, if any. The resort can accommodate up to 100 people. The 30-day restriction is designed to better meet investors` transaction needs, including tax loss collection and reorientation, while protecting funds and shareholders from excessive trade. Accept and host everything and everyone. In other words, never isolate or deny someone in your life. Because a good person gives you luck. A bad person gives you experience.

While the so-called worst person gives you a lesson. In addition, your favorite person gives you memories that continue to live. – Emeasoba George To show correspondence from; apply or take legal action by analogy; adaptation or adaptation, as a teaching to accidental circumstances, factual statements, etc.; how, to do justice to the prophecies of events.