However, the Thrifty location keeps your rental vehicle available to you 4 hours after booking. (unless it`s August with the renting rental`s openinghours) GRACE PERIOD:Detailed instructions on car pickup are provided for each supplier`s site. At the end of the agreed rental period, the supplier authorizes an additional 29 minutes free of charge, after which at least a full day`s rent is charged to the customer. In this agreement, the following terms, unless the context is different, have the following meanings. All Thrifty customers now have the option of obtaining leases and receipts electronically. This means faster pickup and return times and less paper. Don`t forget to provide your email address when you make your next booking. CROSS BORDER FEE: All vehicles except luxury categories may travel abroad under special conditions and only on request from the local Thrifty Office. The request must be made 5 days before the withdrawal date and the cost is 90 euros. Thrifty UK works with a large number of manufacturers and, as such, we are not able to display any vehicle available in each category on our website. Our policy is to display the most appropriate vehicle in this category at all times. The definition of “Or similar” is the provision of a vehicle of comparable size, body type and rental value for the vehicle indicated.

Please note that due to the number of manufacturers we deal with, we can deliver a vehicle through another manufacturer. The driver must have held a full driver`s licence for at least 12 months. License certificates of up to 9 points are accepted. If the driver has been banned from driving for a DD, DR or UT offence or disqualification for 12 months or more, we will only rent 5 years or more after the driver`s licence is returned. All drivers who present a British driver`s licence (card or paper) must justify their current grades at the time of the hire, including all additional drivers. The equivalent of a driver`s licence was abolished in 2015 (without a licence issued in Northern Ireland) and DVLA offers drivers an online opportunity to view and share their driver`s licence history. Drivers cannot make available on their website a hard copy of their license history that they received from the DVLA website more than 21 days before the start of the rental or the DVLA code (screenshots of the license history are not accepted). To generate the code or expression, all drivers must go to the DVLA website on Drivers must enter their NI number, driver`s license number and zip code to view their history.