If anyone has ever been there, please help me lmao. Even if you have the unterlet form on you somehow left that. If you`re going home for the summer, co-op accommodation outside Waterloo, or simply moving in while you`ve signed a 12-month lease [which is more than you need], it can be financially difficult to keep your student/student home. Subletting your seat can eliminate these financial worries by taking over your lease for a while. Although sometimes you may have difficulty finding a subtenant who is willing to pay the full rent to cover your room, at least a good portion of your monthly rent will be paid by the new tenant. A sublease is a house/room/unit rented for a short period (usually 4 or 8 months) by someone who rents this property for a longer period (usually 12 months). I signed a long ass Lease for KW4Rent, but if circumstances change (and based on the latest contributions on this sub, fortunately) – I won`t live there anymore. I`ve already paid two months` rent. I want to sublet it to a friend of mine, but on its portal, the Unterlet site returns a 404.

Fortunately for you, Rez-One allows subletting and although we cannot guarantee that you will find a tenant, we will help you in any way possible. Rez-One will usually try to keep a waiting list of potential tenants which is a great place to start and can make advertising unnecessary. Below are some tips on what you need to do to enter into a sublease agreement with Rez-One: read your lease carefully to see if it can prevent you from subletting. If it is said that you cannot sublet, you should speak to your landlord, who must provide you with written proof of why it is not advisable to sublet. You also want to make sure that your roommates can sublet your room with you; If they all agree, it is a good idea to get their consent in writing, so if problems arise, you have documents to show that they agree. There are many sites you can use to promote your support, including UW Off-Campus Student Housing, Places4Students.com and Kijiji. You can also advertise on local newsletters or post on Facebook — really anywhere you think you might find the right person to sublet it. Once you`ve found interested people, interview them and ask many questions that share the requirements of your roommates. If someone doesn`t seem right, don`t be afraid to look at someone else. Once you have found a subtenant, you design a contract containing details such as the duration of the sublease, contact information, monthly rent, number of units, maintenance needs, etc. Make sure the subtenant is the commander and that you sign the contract.

Keep the original and create copies for the subtenant and your landlord. Make sure in your contract that you also deposit a security deposit that you can use in case of repairs or maintenance required while your seat is sublet.